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Clover Park School District would like to thank you for your interest in employment with our school district. Our district is committed to providing excellent customer service to the students, their families, and our employees.
There are many types of positions available at Clover Park School District, and each position has unique qualifications. Carefully review the qualifications supplied prior to applying for a position.
To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below and click on Apply. After your information is submitted, you will receive a confirmation number for each job listing you applied for. Your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to apply for additional job listings.

Your username and password will be needed for applying to future job listings. Positions close at 4:00 PM on the close date.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Substitute - Classified - AVID Tutors07/18/2018SubstituteLochburn Middle SchoolApply
Para - SPED Life Skills - 2019212607/18/2018ClassifiedWoodbrook Middle SchoolApply
Para - SPED Life Skills - 2019212707/18/2018ClassifiedWoodbrook Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - Kindergarten - 2019331807/18/2018CertificatedCarter Lake ElementaryApply
Teacher - Technology - 2019402307/18/2018CertificatedFour Heroes ElementaryApply
Teacher - SPED Resource - 2019251407/18/2018CertificatedHudtloff Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - SPED Resource - 2019441807/18/2018CertificatedMultiple LocationsApply
Teacher - SPED Success- 2019370207/18/2018CertificatedDower ElementaryApply
Coach - Asst Cross Country - 2019270607/17/2018CoachingMann Middle SchoolApply
INTERNAL ONLY-Food Service Worker - Summer Feed Program - 2018910607/17/2018Summer School/HelpStudent NutritionApply
Para - Classroom - 2019470907/13/2018ClassifiedLake Louise ElementaryApply
Para - Classroom - 2019471007/13/2018ClassifiedLake Louise ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Life Skills - 2019443307/13/2018ClassifiedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Preschool - 2019443207/13/2018ClassifiedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Teacher - English & Social Studies - 2019140407/13/2018CertificatedCP Open DoorsApply
Para - SPED Behavior Assistance - 2019732207/13/2018ClassifiedSpecial EducationApply
Para - SPED 1:1 - 2019443007/13/2018ClassifiedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Para - English Learner (EL) - 2019431207/13/2018ClassifiedIdlewild ElementaryApply
Para - SPED 1:1 - 2019590607/13/2018ClassifiedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Para - Health Room - 2019490907/13/2018ClassifiedLakeview Hope AcademyApply
Para - Teacher Asst Head Start - 2019200107/13/2018ClassifiedCP Early Learning ProgramApply
Clerk/Asst Secretary - 2019680107/13/2018ClassifiedInformation Technology SvcsApply
Substitute Coordinator - 2019640207/13/2018ClassifiedHuman ResourcesApply
Para - Classroom - 2019402007/13/2018ClassifiedFour Heroes ElementaryApply
Para - SPED 1:1 - 2019402107/13/2018ClassifiedFour Heroes ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Success (EBD) - 2019231607/13/2018ClassifiedLochburn Middle SchoolApply
Consultant Teacher - 20197101A07/12/2018CertificatedTeaching & LearningApply
Para - SPED Success (EBD) - 2019231507/12/2018ClassifiedLochburn Middle SchoolApply
Para - Classroom/Lunchroom/Playground - 2019310707/12/2018ClassifiedBeachwood ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Success (EBD) - 2019431007/12/2018ClassifiedIdlewild ElementaryApply
Food Service Worker - Cook - 2019252107/12/2018ClassifiedHudtloff Middle SchoolApply
Para - Classroom/Lunchroom/Playground - 2019370607/12/2018ClassifiedDower ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Behavior Assistance - 2019731907/12/2018ClassifiedSpecial EducationApply
Para - SPED Functional Academics - 2019442907/12/2018ClassifiedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Functional Academics - 2019442807/12/2018ClassifiedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Functional Academics - 2019590407/12/2018ClassifiedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Para - SPED 1:1 - 2019350507/12/2018ClassifiedCuster ElementaryApply
Para - Classroom/Lunchroom/Playground - 2019442707/12/2018ClassifiedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Functional Transition - 2019271007/12/2018ClassifiedMann Middle SchoolApply
Para - Classroom - 2019151207/12/2018ClassifiedHarrison PrepApply
Para - Teacher Asst Head Start - 2018570607/12/2018ClassifiedTillicum ElementaryApply
Teacher - Kindergarten - 2019330107/12/2018CertificatedCarter Lake ElementaryApply
Para - Family Involvement Coordinator - 2019121307/11/2018ClassifiedLakes High SchoolApply
Para - Classroom - 2019231407/11/2018ClassifiedLochburn Middle SchoolApply
Para - Classroom - 2019410607/11/2018ClassifiedHillside ElementaryApply
Para - Classroom - 2019410507/11/2018ClassifiedHillside ElementaryApply
Para - SPED Functional Transition - 2019231307/11/2018ClassifiedLochburn Middle SchoolApply
Para - SPED 1:1 - 2019520507/11/2018ClassifiedMeriwether ElementaryApply
Para - SPED 1:1 - 2019121207/11/2018ClassifiedLakes High SchoolApply
Para - Classroom - 2019251707/11/2018ClassifiedHudtloff Middle SchoolApply