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Clover Park School District would like to thank you for your interest in employment with our school district. Our district is committed to providing excellent customer service to the students, their families, and our employees.
There are many types of positions available at Clover Park School District, and each position has unique qualifications. Carefully review the qualifications supplied prior to applying for a position.
To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below and click on Apply. After your information is submitted, you will receive a confirmation number for each job listing you applied for. Your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to apply for additional job listings.

Your username and password will be needed for applying to future job listings. Positions close at 4:00 PM on the close date.
Job Listings
Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Teacher - Interventionist - 2017410305/27/2016CertificatedHillside ElementaryApply
Coach - Asst Girls Soccer - 2017121905/27/2016CoachingLakes High SchoolApply
Teacher - Technology - 2017370305/27/2016CertificatedDower ElementaryApply
Teacher - 2nd Grade - 2017520905/26/2016CertificatedMeriwether ElementaryApply
Teacher - Sped Resource - 2017231205/26/2016CertificatedLochburn Middle SchoolApply
ESA - Counselor - 2017151205/26/2016CertificatedHarrison PrepApply
Coach - Head Girls Basketball - 2017112805/26/2016CoachingClover Park High SchoolApply
Coach - Asst Girls Basketball - 2017112705/26/2016CoachingClover Park High SchoolApply
Coach - Asst Football - 2017211005/26/2016CoachingWoodbrook Middle SchoolApply
Coach - Asst Football - 2017211305/26/2016CoachingWoodbrook Middle SchoolApply
Coach - Asst Cross Country - 2017211105/26/2016CoachingWoodbrook Middle SchoolApply
Coach - Head Girls Swim - 2017112905/26/2016CoachingClover Park High SchoolApply
Coach - Asst JV Girls Fastpitch - 2017211205/26/2016CoachingWoodbrook Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - English & History - 2017210105/26/2016CertificatedWoodbrook Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - Kindergarten - 2017592205/25/2016CertificatedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Teacher - Interventionist - 2017400405/23/2016CertificatedFour Heroes ElementaryApply
Teacher - 4th Grade - 2017430705/23/2016CertificatedIdlewild ElementaryApply
Accounts Payable Technician - 2016820405/23/2016ClassifiedFinancial ServicesApply
Teacher - SPED Resource - 2017400305/23/2016CertificatedFour Heroes ElementaryApply
Teacher - 4th Grade - 2017591905/23/2016CertificatedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Teacher - 4th Grade - 2017400505/23/2016CertificatedFour Heroes ElementaryApply
Teacher - 2nd Grade - 2017592005/23/2016CertificatedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Teacher - 4th Grade - 2017400605/23/2016CertificatedFour Heroes ElementaryApply
Teacher - 1st Grade - 2017592105/23/2016CertificatedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Teacher - ELL - 2017400205/23/2016CertificatedFour Heroes ElementaryApply
Teacher - English & History - 2017150905/23/2016CertificatedHarrison PrepApply
Teacher - 3rd Grade - 2017590405/23/2016CertificatedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Coach - Head Girls Fastpitch - 2017250805/19/2016CoachingHudtloff Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - SPED Functional Academics - 2017442005/19/2016CertificatedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Teacher - ELL - 2017492005/19/2016CertificatedLakeview Hope AcademyApply
Teacher - English & History - 2017140305/19/2016CertificatedCP Open DoorsApply
Teacher - 4th Grade - 2017570205/19/2016CertificatedTillicum ElementaryApply
Teacher - 1st Grade - 2017510805/19/2016CertificatedPark Lodge ElementaryApply
Teacher - 1st Grade - 2017591805/18/2016CertificatedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Teacher - 5th Grade - 2017520705/18/2016CertificatedMeriwether ElementaryApply
Teacher - Fine Arts - 2017520805/18/2016CertificatedMeriwether ElementaryApply
Teacher - 1st Grade - 2017441905/18/2016CertificatedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Teacher - SPED Resource - 2017541005/18/2016CertificatedRainier ElementaryApply
Teacher - SPED Resource - 2017112405/18/2016CertificatedClover Park High SchoolApply
Teacher - 3rd Grade - 2017350405/17/2016CertificatedCuster ElementaryApply
ESA - Physical Therapist - 2017730905/17/2016CertificatedSpecial EducationApply
Library Media Specialist - 2017510605/17/2016CertificatedPark Lodge ElementaryApply
Coach - Asst Football - 2017112205/16/2016CoachingClover Park High SchoolApply
Coach - Asst Girls Soccer - 2017112005/16/2016CoachingClover Park High SchoolApply
Coach - Asst Cross Country - 2017111905/16/2016CoachingClover Park High SchoolApply
Teacher - 4th Grade - 2017520505/16/2016CertificatedMeriwether ElementaryApply
Teacher - SPED Functional Academics - 2017591605/16/2016CertificatedTyee Park ElementaryApply
Teacher - SPED Life Skills - 2017210805/16/2016CertificatedWoodbrook Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - 2nd Grade - 2017441405/16/2016CertificatedEvergreen ElementaryApply
Teacher - 3rd Grade - 2017491805/16/2016CertificatedLakeview Hope AcademyApply